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We Provide Comprehensive Oilfield Services Throughout Alberta

With a focus on safety and job quality, Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. consistently strives to ensure the most cost-effective oilfield services in and around Alberta. With our fleet of well-maintained equipment, we are committed to providing top-quality services to industrial clients all over the province. We strategize to maximize efficiency with attention to detail and professional planning. These are the basis of our company, along with a dedication to the health and safety of our employees.

We provide services such as:

International heavy hauling

Completion package moves

Plant turnaround

Heavy equipment hauling

Picker work

Remote access/recovery/solutions

Heavy recovery

Tank farms

Facility work

Stuck and tow

Assist with drilling rig moves


There are strict criteria to meet to hold the position of a supervisor at Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. Our supervisors have been brought up through the ranks. They are professionals who generally started out in this industry as assistant operators and worked their way up through experience, dedication hard work and committing long hours in a variety of different aspects of the industry. They fully understand and promote safety, integrity, and excellence, by means of teamwork, dedication.

We deploy our supervisors to most of our specialized hauls and all of our large multi-truck jobs. A pre-job hazard assessment is mandatory for all specialty dimensional hauls, and of course, the completion package moves.

Route surveys, site inspections and pre-job hazard assessments are all conducted and documented by our supervisors and then brought back to the logistics team where strategies are put together.


This is the heart and soul of the entire organization. We like to think that we hold an edge on all of our competitors in this department. Paying close attention to detail, constant monitoring and logging of all information obtained pertaining to the job. Logistics team and Field supervisors work closely together for job planning and timing strategies to maximize efficiency and full compliance with all Provincial and Federal Legislation.

Ask us about our backhaul program!

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Completions Package and Service Rig Moves

The right equipment and people to get your package set up efficiently and safely.

Plant Turnaround & Facility Work

When you are preparing for plant maintenance, we provide the muscle.

International Heavy Hauling

From site to site, we can move drilling rigs with care, safety, and precision.

Picker Services

Our picker trucks are well-equipped to help move oilfield equipment around.

Remote Access/Off-Road Equipment

We can get your equipment to remote locations and faraway places.

Heavy Recovery

Our winch trucks can help pull heavy equipment out of ditches and up hills.

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