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International Heavy Hauling

International Heavy Haul Services Throughout North America

The first stage of prospecting for oil or gas is the moving of the drilling rigs into position. There is a lot of equipment that needs to be moved into place, and Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. is the go-to hauling company that can help get it there safely and efficiently.

We have a well-maintained fleet of rig moving trucks, including some of the biggest bed trucks in the industry, including:

Bed trucks to 430"

Pole trucks to 400"

Tri-drive commander

8x8 420" floater bed

6x6 430" floater beds

Pickers to 45T

Tandem winch tractors

Tri-drive winch tractors

Planetary winch tractors

Up to 48-wheel combos



457 JCB loader equipment (with floater tires and grapple forks)

We also have a sub-launcher to extend the height of our beds by nearly 24" to assist with removing and re-installing subs from ponies. Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. is fully equipped for all your rig moving needs. Our truck pushes are all very experienced for moving rigs, from slant singles to the biggest newest pad super triples.  Contact us today for more information.

Safety, Integrity, Excellence

We are your premium transportation company operating in Alberta.

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