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Picker Services

Take Advantage of Our Picker Truck Services in Alberta

Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. has a large fleet of trucks and other equipment necessary to handle all your lifting and picker truck needs across Alberta work camps and oilfield sites. Well sites and places of industry often have a lot of equipment and supplies that need to be moved around and cannot be moved by bare hand. That’s where our picker trucks come in. We have pickers with reaches up to 105’ to take care of your needs and several can be equipped with extension jibs for reaches up to 149’ for extreme cases.

Our fully-certified operators are well-versed to handle all your hoisting needs from rig moves and completion packages to frac ponds and plant turnarounds.

We have certified man baskets and spreader bars along with tri-hi trailers, double-drop lowboys, and 30, 40, and 45T pickers with up to 105' reach. Our trucks can handle payloads to approximately 45,000lbs.

Contact us today to make use of our equipment.

Safety, Integrity, Excellence

We are your Premium Transportation Company operating in Alberta.

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