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Our Fleet of Trucks and Equipment

Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. has the in-house resources to repair, maintain and modify our equipment and the capabilities to design and build specialty equipment.

Our maintenance standards ensure that our equipment is ready to go when the phone rings. Regular pre-trip and field inspections, standard preventative maintenance, and an on-call mechanical team ensure that our equipment meets or exceeds all provincial and federal regulatory inspections. More importantly, we make sure our equipment is in top running order to ensure that we complete our client’s projects on budget and without delay. Contact us today to request our services.

In-house sandblasting and painting keeps our equipment rust free, easier to maintain, and looking good!


The heart and soul of transportation are in the tractors. Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. runs a fleet of modern tractors with a specialized assortment for a variety of different demands. 

For your load of tubulars or LTL, we have winchless tractors which are light spec for maximum payload down the highway. We have tandem and tri-drive winch units for your everyday rig moves or completion package moves. For the toughest demands such as your rig skid that you need to put up the ramp or the mining equipment that you need to mobilize, we have heavy duty planetary drive winch tractors designed for severe off-road conditions. The power units used to pull our wheeler combinations are equipped with 650 HP Cummins engines. All of our winch tractors have sleepers for layovers and are rigged with hydraulic winches from 30 ton up to 50 ton.

With legal axle weights, the average payload for a tandem winch tractor with a tri-lowboy is about 48,000 - 49,000 pounds and with a tri-drive, we can haul roughly 57,000 – 58,000 pounds. By simply obtaining an overweight permit, we can achieve an additional 15,000 pounds in payload capacity.

Bed Trucks

Currently, Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. is running a total of nine bed trucks in our fleet. They range in size from 285 inches to a 430-inch sow. Some of these bed trucks are equipped with gin poles. The larger bed trucks have planetary drive differentials for soft, muddy, tough conditions. We have smaller bed trucks that can haul upwards of 40,000-pound payloads, and at the same time, make great rig up trucks for tank farms, and service rig moves. We have a tri-drive Texas bed which can haul a 50,000lb payload and still operate effectively as a light duty bed truck. Our latest 430” bed truck as an onboard digital scale and is one of the biggest beds legally on the highway.


Whether it’s tubulars you have to haul, a flare stack you have to erect or some rafters you have to set, Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. has what it takes to fulfil your hoisting needs.

Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. provides a wide array of hoisting services. With truck mount pickers from 20 ton to 45 ton, we have the right picker for all your needs. Our pickers are all certified annually and equipped with load monitoring instrumentation which allows our journeyman certified operators to monitor the load that they are lifting, and keep within the lifting chart of the equipment. The trucks come equipped with all the right rigging and hardware to get your job done in a safe and efficient manner. Upon request, we are able to supply certified man baskets, spreader bars, pallet forks, etc.

Air supply is available to run air tools such as impact wrenches for assembly and disassembly of flare stacks and other equipment. Our 20-ton and 30-ton pickers both have a reach of about 50 feet and are capable of hauling a 40,000-pound payload. Our 40 and 45-ton pickers are tri-drive and can haul upwards of 45,000 pounds. These pickers have an average boom length of 100 feet giving you a tip height of approx. 110 feet, and for those hard to reach places, we have jib attachments which give us a boom tip height of 149 feet. Mobile cranes up to 165 ton are available upon request.


Whether it’s a wireline truck that you have to get to your job site on 75% roads or a 250,000-pound shovel you need to move in the mine, we have the right equipment, the right people, and the expertise to tackle the task at hand safely and efficiently.

At Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd., we are committed to covering off all of your transportation needs. We have a wide array of specialized combinations to tackle some of the heaviest loads in today’s oilfield/mining operations. We have jeeps and boosters that can be combined with highboy or lowboy trailers. We have a 40 wheel rig transporter that can haul 85,000 pounds on a 75% road ban and upwards of 150,000lbs in the post-ban season. Also included in our specialized fleet is a 48 wheel scissor neck lowboy. It doesn't stop there! Pulling these combinations requires horsepower and supplying that is one of two 650HP Kenworth Tri-drive tractors or a 500HP Planetary tractor. We are in the process of building a heavy duty planetary drive tractor strictly for extreme heavy off-road applications. 

Whether it’s a wireline truck that you have to get to your job site on 75% roads or a 250,000-pound shovel you need to move in the mine, we have the right equipment, the right people, and the expertise to tackle the task at hand safely and efficiently.

Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. has their own escort vehicles with properly trained personnel to assist in getting your dimensional load to its destination at no risk to the public. All of our fleet is outfitted with 2-way radio communication programmed with all Alberta, and British Columbia road channels, two company channels, as well as a repeater channel, which enables us to stay in constant radio contact with our base station in the logistics office.

Specialty Equipment

Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. has a variety of specialized equipment that can help you with a wide range of uses. Our fleet is committed to covering all your needs across Alberta.

Safety, Integrity, Excellence

We are your premium transportation company operating in Alberta.

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