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Remote Access/Off-Road Equipment


We Provide Off-Road Equipment to Sites Around Alberta

One of the drawbacks of the oil and gas industry is that many of the sites are far out into the bush with difficult remote access to navigate. Getting your drilling completions equipment, as well as supplies, out to the camp can be a real challenge. Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. has the ability to haul pipeline equipment, drilling rigs, and more using our off-road equipment all across Alberta and into British Columbia.

We can operate in the remote areas around the following places:

Grande Prairie

Peace River

Fort Mackay

Fort McMurray

Slave Lake

Valley View

Fort St. John

Dawson Creek


Spirit River



Kerith Creek

Many oil and gas pipeline construction and maintenance companies use Titan’s specialized Nodwell machines and floater tire equipment to haul their pipeline equipment through muskeg with minimal disturbance to the land to the actual site or use our trucks to forward their equipment and supplies to keep the site maintained. We have large-tracked machines, all-wheel drive machines, and 8x8 wheel machines to bring you deep bush access where regular trucks cannot go.

Contact us today to request our remote access services.

Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. has the off-road equipment to suit your transportation needs, such as:

2 Foremost Husky 8s

RN 400 Nodwell/ 600 Nodwell

8x8 Floater Bed

6x6 Floater Bed

TF 900 Nodwell Machine (1 of 2 machines in the world)

Large Wheel Loader equipment with Floater Tires (36,000 LBS breakout force)

6x6 Pole Truck

Heavy-duty oilfield deck

Main deck winch

Gin poles

Midship and rear live rolls

Front push bar

Hydraulically-controlled read push bar

Certified ROP’s

Air conditioning

Emergency steering & brake system


Strobe light

Custom hydraulics

Designed to move heavy payloads in mud, muskeg, swamp, and snow

High deck and sealed undercarriage provide excellent fording ability

Independent crank arm suspension

Flexible track

Arctic heating package

Positive air diesel engine shut-off


Search Light

Safety, Integrity, Excellence

We are your premium transportation company operating in Alberta.

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