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Plant Turnaround & Facility Work

For Plant Turnaround Services in Alberta, Call Us Today

Is your manufacturing plant coming up to a shut-down for service and equipment overhauling? Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. can supply picker trucks to help move equipment around the plant on plant turnaround. We are able to have 2 or 3 trucks on site at a time, making the process go much faster.

We strive to maintain true quality in our work, allowing you to rely on our equipment, such as our picker trucks, to move pieces of the plant as needed. Whether you are doing maintenance on a facility or are undergoing a full turnaround, we can provide you with the trucks you need. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality service with a focus on health and safety. Our experience is our greatest asset along with our commitment to quality.

Give Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. a call today to request more information on our plant turnaround picker truck services.

Safety, Integrity, Excellence

We are your Premium Transportation Company operating in Alberta.

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