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Heavy Recovery

Call Us for Heavy Recovery Winch Trucks in Alberta

Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. has a variety of winch trucks for use in Alberta in heavy recovery applications. It happens sometimes where equipment gets stuck in a ditch or at the bottom of a hill and you can’t move it yourself. In those cases, call Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. We have the heavy duty winch trucks necessary to get you out of all situations.

Our specialized winch trucks can carry large payloads so that they’re able to help you move your heavy industrial equipment with ease. You can rely on our staff’s experience to carefully and meticulously move your equipment to where it needs to go.

With our well-maintained fleet of equipment, we are able to respond quickly to requests for heavy recovery operations. Contact us today for more information on our trucks and give us a call when you need heavy recovery jobs done.

Safety, Integrity, Excellence

We are your Premium Transportation Company operating in Alberta.

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