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Our Company

Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. provides a 24-hour hauling service to the oil and gas, mining, and construction industries. With over 150 pieces of equipment, our diverse fleet ranges from a one-ton gooseneck, tandem and tri-drive winch tractors, planetary drive tractors, 20 ton - 45-ton pickers, Texas bed, and bed trucks up to 430” trailers up to 48 wheel combinations Foremost and Nodwell off-road equipment including Husky 8 and TF 900 Nodwell. We also provide specialty off-road equipment to conquer tough loads in extreme situations.

In addition to our transportation services, Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. offers a 25-acre storage yard in Edson and a 5-acre storage yard in Hinton. Both yards contain pipe racks. A loader with multiple attachments is readily available in the Edson yard, and an inventory tagging system is in place to track equipment and tubulars left for storage. We also have racksite availability in Fox Creek.

At Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd., the whole team works together as one. We believe in quality, not quantity. We are committed to customer satisfaction, consistently strategizing to ensure the most cost-effective means of service without sacrificing safety or job quality. All jobs are treated equally when it comes to providing excellence in service.

Your Premium Transportation Company

Mission Statement


Provide the highest level of quality, safety, and integrity to our customers, employees, and associated personnel.

Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment.

Provide strategic, creative solutions and timely, efficient services.


Taking care of our people

Respecting the environment

Excellent customer service

Building strong relationships

Strong family and community values


People – Tough guidelines and strict criteria to meet, in order to become a team member, and ongoing extensive training, resulting in an elite team of experienced professionals.

Equipment – Consistent maintenance program and constant upgrading resulting in superior equipment to keep up with industrial modernization and demand.

Reputation – Years of experience, hard work, dedication and consistently striving for excellence has rewarded Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. with a reputation that is second to none.

Our People

Every employee at Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. is as important as the next and all are appreciated for their hard work and dedication.

At Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd., we have a certain uniqueness. We are an independently owned organization. All of the companies “corporate” decisions are made right here in the Edson office. All our safety meetings are held right here in our meeting room and are usually complemented by a company barbeque or a round of pizza for the team. When there is a local community function, chances are Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. has supported it in one way or another. Every employee employed here is as important as the next and all are appreciated for their hard work and dedication.

We also have some drivers at Titan Specialized Hauling Ltd. that are half owners of the equipment they operate. This, in turn, creates a unique environment that makes us a strong service provider. It also makes for a very comfortable team orientated setting in which everyone helps everyone. All of this together, makes for happy employees and good moral, and when you combine all that, you will find, fewer incidents or injuries, no equipment damage, more efficiency, less cost, which benefits you, the customer.

Completions Package and Service Rig Moves

The right equipment and people to get your package set up efficiently and safely.

Plant Turnaround & Facility Work

When you are preparing for plant maintenance, we provide the muscle.

International Heavy Hauling

From site to site, we can move drilling rigs with care, safety, and precision.

Picker Services

Our picker trucks are well-equipped to help move oilfield equipment around.

Remote Access/Off-Road Equipment

We can get your equipment to remote locations and faraway places.

Heavy Recovery

Our winch trucks can help pull heavy equipment out of ditches and up hills.

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